A list of services that we provide


You`ve recorded your songs and you have mixes but it`s just not sound – you know your songs could sound better! Please send us your tracks. We will send the mix back for your changes and approval.


Is the very last process before CD duplication and commercial release of your audio music mixes. Send us your WAV file and we send you back 30 sec demo to check that we meet your requirements.


Getting the timing right in your drum recordings…


If you are in need of some production or a remix to one of your songs, we`ll provide it. We can create any kind of genre you prefer. After we figure out exactly what you want, we’ll begin creation. You have the preview at every stage of production.

About me

Łukasz "Wicher" Wiatr

Łukasz „Wicher” Wiatr is an Polish guitarist, composer which is passinonate about pro- and home-recording. Born on October, 1982 in Starachowice. Co-founder of FLAME band. Known from bands like Sfera, Wigry 5, Adrenalina.

With the development of digital technology, I became interested in the issue of home-recording. Moving smoothly in Pro Tools but with the passion I use Steinberg Cubase.

My mission is transform your tracks to music and mixing into a recording of the highest quality. Contact me so that we can discuss your needs and how I can meet them. I want to hear your project.

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